DRAFT – Psychograms of an Idea

Type: Exhibition
Location: Ausstellung, Künstlerhaus Factory, Vienna
Organized by: Künstlerhaus Vereiningung
Exhibition Dates: 13.05. – 09.06.2021

The group exhibition DRAFT at the Künstlerhaus Factory is devoted to forms of expression of architectural concepts showing 13 selected examples. The installation is put together by 13 individually filled plexiglass boxes. Translucent and partially reflective, the ensemble embodies the volatility of the conception, which later becomes built reality in the course of a transformation.

DRAFT – Psychograms of an Idea [Exhibition Montage]

In the beginning of the design process there is always an idea, we sketch our initial considerations in the form of quick models or drawings. They are the expression of thoughts and visions that work like initial ignitions and often mark the beginning of a long-term project development process. These initial sketches determine the form and conception of the built reality and only a few lines define the shape of a building.

Complex patterns show urban areas of tension and analyse the framework conditions of a building site. The translation of an idea into a first representation does not follow any set of rules and is accompanied by the transience of the moment. The methodology is left to the individual: with pencil, felt pen, Indian ink pen, ballpoint pen, charcoal pen and stylus, ideas and concepts are recorded on carrier materials. The implementation can be impulsive or controlled, and the output bears the individual signature of the author. With the help of knives, styro cutters, adhesive strips and needles, quick sketch models, collages and photos are created. The classic hand-drawn sketch is more than just the sensual-motoric articulation of a fleeting thought. With its genuine lines, it depicts the characteristic form of expression of the designer. On a meta level, it tells the story of this person and provides insights into his / her personality.

“To put the first line on a blank sheet of paper is an adventure: I am an adventurer. Sketching is adventurous thinking on paper. I look forward to every first sketch “. […] I feel at least twice with every project: the first time with the first sketch, the second time with the completion of the building. I like to sketch, I like to draw, I like to realize! ” – Gustav Peichl

As quickly as ideas arise, they are also discarded. Sketches end up in the most varied of places. Immortalized in sketchbooks or archived in plan cupboards, they survive the moment and offer us insights into key moments of the architectural creative process in architecture. In the Künstlerhaus Factory, this medium is placed in a spatial context and transferred to a virtual architecture incubator. The individual Plexiglas boxes are storages of exemplary selections of such key moments and individual approaches to the medium of the sketch.

The spatialization of the exhibition idea is the result of a joint choreography. The exhibition boxes appear like pixels in space – in the form of a spatial construct that is even sketchy.


Isabel Belherdis, Petra Gell, Andrea Graser, Diether Hoppe, Thomas Hoppe, Mladen Jadric, Peter Lorenz, Joerg Nairz, Gustav Peichl, Norbert Steiner, Sne Veselinović, Dieter Wallmann and Josef Weichenberger

Mladen Jadric’s Intervetion in DRAFT
Mladen Jadric’s original sketches for
72 Manor Project