Mladen Jadric Dipl.-Ing. Architect ZT
State authorised and certified chartered engineer with office in Vienna
Chambers of Architects for Vienna
Karlsgasse 9, 1040 Vienna

Mladen Jadric ist teaching and practicing architecture in Vienna, Austria. He is the founder and principal of JADRIC ARCHITEKTUR ZT GmbH. He has realized a wide range of projects of different scales: architectural and urban design projects, including housing, residences, art installations and experiments with new materials and technologies in Austria, USA, Finland and China. He has been teaching at the TU Wien, Faculty of Architecture and Planning and has gained extensive experience as a visiting professor and guest lecturer in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, and South America. His works were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK; M.I.T., Cooper Union, and Roger Williams University, USA; Alvar Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland; the Architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy; the World Architectural Triennale in Tokyo, Japan; Museum of the 20th Century, Berlin, Germany; Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urban Planning, Korea; NIT-Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, and many more.

He has been awarded with the State Prize for Experimental Architecture, Karl Scheffel Prize and Schorsch Prize for housing by the City of Vienna as well as with the Grand Prize by the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea. Mladen Jadric is chairman of the architectural section in “Künstlerhaus”, the oldest association of artists and architects in Austria. He is also member of the board of the architectural section inthe Chamber of Civil Engineers of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

Short Biography

  • born in 1964
  • Diploma studies in Sarajevo, BiH at the Faculty of Architecture in
  • Dissertation with Prof. Will Alsop at the Vienna University of Technology 2000
  • Study visit [Grant of BMUK] in New York, USA 1994
  • Publications on architecture, urban planning and culture in: “Architektur und Bauforum”, „Architektur“ and „Architektur-aktuell“.
  • Since 1997 member of the Künstlerhaus. Several awards including the State Prize for Experimental Architecture
  • Self-employed since 1996:
    1996 Partnership with BUS Architects: Blazica -Spinadel, Vienna – Buenos Aires
  • 1997 EXIT-Network, Vienna together with Nevil Binder
  • 1998 – 2002 urbanFish–architects, Vienna together with Manfred Berthold
  • Since 2002 – mladen jadric architects, Wien

Prices & Awards

  • 2024 DNA Paris Award, At home in the Alps
  • 2024 BIG SEE Architecture Prize, Category: Housing (1st Prize)
  • 2024 IF Design Award (1st Prize)
  • 2023 Prize for Innovation and Experimentation, Valledolmo, Italy (1st prize)
  • 2021 BIGSEE WOOD Design Award, House Reichenauer-Grill
  • 2019 Seoul Photographic Art Museum International Design Competition (1st Prize)
  • 2019 The Plan Award, Kategorie: Transport and Urband Planning (1. prize)
  • 2019 New Gwangwhamun Square International Design Competition (3rd prize)
  • 2018 The Plan Award, Kategorie: Education (1. prize)
  • 2018 Hangzhou Bridge Design International Design Competition (1st prize)
  • 2018 Hangzhou, Xioshan District, International Design Competition (1st prize)
  • 2017 Hangzhou Masterplan, International Design Competition (1st prize)
  • 2018 The Plan Award Future Projects 2018 (1st prize)
  • 2015 Catalist in Action – Grand Prize by Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea
  • 2014 Urban Renewal Prize, Vienna – acknowledgment
  • 2009 Award “Schorsch” of the City Vienna ( MA 19) for innovative housing projects
  • 2006 Mariazeller Academy (Purchas)
  • 2004 Grand Prix – Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo (1st prize)
  • 2002 Budapest, Internationaler Competition, “Graphisoft Conference Center“ (1st prize)
  • 2002 “Printtissimo” Award of the Austrian paper industry for the best graphic design*
  • 2000 Kunsthaus Graz, (2nd prize) *
  • 1999 Living on the water, Turku, Finland (2nd prize)
  • 1999 Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam, NL (Purchase) *
  • 1998 Museum Modern Art, Salzburg, (Purchase)*
  • 1996 EUROPAN 4 – Europan Suomi Finland, Helsinki, Finland ** (1st prize)
  • 1994 International Competition: „Das Zeichen der Zukunft„ Graz, (1st prize)
  • 1992 Karl Scheffel Price for “Dangerous Architecture” – International Competition, Vienna (1st prize)
  • 1991 State Prize for Experimental Architecture

* with Manfed Berthold ** with Nevil Binder