Opus Asiae

OPUS ASIAE is a collection of architectural projects made for Asian cities in the last five years.

They are the result of two decades of Mladen Jadric’s work as an architect and teacher in Europe and Asia. Always in search of new ideas and inspiration, Mladen Jadric initiated a number of collaborative research and architectural projects with several universities in China, Korea, and Japan. Through his work he has documented some pivotal changes in eastern societies. His architectural practice, Jadric Architektur, has designed numerous prize-winning projects, ranging from social housing, private residences, art centers, to bridges and many more.

The Asian mega-cities are devising ambitious plans for a not-so-distant challenging future. In light of the fact that migration and increasing density in urban areas are likely to maintain their rapid pace over the next decades, despite their precarious effects on the environment, it is particularly important now to place value on good, socially relevant architecture as Asia’s cities grow skyward as well.  Despite all cultural differences and geographic distances between Europe and Asia, for both future and current city-shapers there is much to learn and share among themselves. The exhibited projects owe their success to cooperation among large interdisciplinary and multinational design teams.

Over the past two decades, ambitious Asian cities have been encouraging high-quality, innovative, and sustainable architecture. As a result, some of them have been recognized as being among the world’s most livable and equitable cities.

For example, the cities of Hangzhou and Seoul have adopted a series of ambitious innovations in their urban planning and housing policies, which have already born fruit.

The exhibition offers insights into design solutions of some exemplary projects, and takes a look at some crucial questions, most of all how to achieve a sustainable social community.

The integral part of the exhibition belongs to academic work: common projects developed with students for the new Asian reality, and research work with colleagues, and guest professors conducted within mixed multinational university teams. This work reflects the entire complexity of the social, economic, and cultural framework that modern architecture and urban development have had to take into account.

Each of the exhibited projects is a micro universe, and its architectural articulation seeks to elicit public dialogue, which is to be reflected in the future architectural discourse.

OPUS ASIAE, Museo Hendrik C. Andersen, Roma 14.09.2019

Posted by Jakob Mayer on Monday, September 16, 2019
Introduction Room
Room Vertical District
Introduction Mladen Jadric
Introduction Dr. Elke Atzler
Introduction Federica Rizzo
Dream Team – Jakob Mayer, Federica Rizzo, Mladen Jadric
Room 72 Manors
Room Vertical District
Drinks at the Terrace – Anna Rizzo, Mladen Jadric, Maria Giuseppina Di Monte
Drinks at the Terrace


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