Lecture – Collective City

Type: Lecture
Location: UNSW University Sydney
Organizer: UNSW University Sydney
Date: 26.02.2020

During his visit to the UNS University in Sydney, Mladen Jadric gave a lecture on subsidized housing with a focus on the so-called “Viennese model”. He gave insights into design processes and approaches to architectural problems that are taught and applied in Vienna in class and in practice.

A contribution about his local inspection entitled “Sleep, Australia, Sleep” can be found in the magazine of the Chamber of Civil Engineers for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland: derPlan 49

“Sleep, Australia, Sleep – Inferno und danach” – Mladen Jadric
UNSW – University Sydney
UNSW – University Sydney
UNSW – University Sydney
Jayde Lin Roberts – Vesna Trobec – Mladen Jadric – Min Dark