Competition: Seoul Changdong Station



Architect: Jadric Architektur ZT GMBH, yoonbeakarchitects, gil architects
Type: International open competition
Program: Interchange facilities for public transport, residential facilities and businesses with a connection to Changdong station
Year: 2024
Place: Seoul, South Korea
Project Team: Mladen Jadric, Nikolaus Punzengruber, Gabriela Del Rosal, Osamu Watanabe, Hülya Demirayak
Visualizations: Hada Images



An optimal thickness of the floor plates allows the required technology to be accommodated using suspended ceilings.

The result is a more flexible space, which enables multiple layouts of the office space and

creates perfect room heights for the given program. Natural lighting and ventilation provide an ideal starting point for the apartments. Especially, in terms to living, the so-called ‘warm loggias’, private outdoor spaces, improve the quality of the flats.

Intelligent Windows

Intelligent windows give high-rise buildings of these dimensions’ additional qualities.

The possibility of natural ventilation not only has a positive psychological impact on users,

but also improves the air quality. There is suddenly a need to open closed office space to the outside which facilitates the users’ interaction with the building.


The building shell basically consists of large multi-layered windows and a structured facade made of stone – concrete, which gives the building a radiant power. External sun protection is used to reduce energy consumption. In addition, there are PV modules on the west side that have a dual function: additional sun protection and energy generation.


All windows and ventilation elements have uniform sizes. Facade elements have a uniform width and height, so they can be prefabricated in large numbers. By overlaying the load-bearing and secondary structure, an irregular facade pattern is created. The loggias of the apartment tower vary in width and therefore create a lively and playful façade pattern.

Visualization street view
Visualization bird´s eye view
south side elevation – west side elevation