Civil Protection Center in Oetz

Architect: Jadric Architektur ZT GMBH
Type: Competition
Year: 2020
Location: Oetz, Tyrol, Austria
Project Team: Nikolaus Punzengruber, Jakob Mayer, Nerea Garcia
Model: Nenad Ikodinovic

Site Plan

This compact structure at the west entrance of Oetz is located in a commercial area and surrounded by farmhouses. In case of emergency, the orientation allows for a collision-free exit. The vehicles of all emergency organizations can thus leave the property as quickly as possible without conflicts with arriving cars. Further, the command room works as a control center, overlooking both the forecourt of the fire brigade and the entrance to the main road.

The following requirements were taken into account as essential design criteria:

  • Hierarchical positioning of all organizations at the Oetz Operations Center including their emergency vehicles
  • Easy orientation of the approaching cars
  • No crossing on the property
Exploded Axonometric

Architecture and Character
The Oetz Operation Center is a unique mixture of a service center and a workplace. Despite the hybrid functions, the character of the building is easy to read for both, people working on site and visitors. Therefore, the public safety organizations and the doctor’s practice are combined in a compact structure under a flat sloping roof. The different rooms with correspondingly hierarchical heights are logically linked under the sloping roof, which naturally follows the topography. Additionally, the training room and the foyer are particularly spacious.

The facade of the building is clad with pre-weathered larch wood. As a conseque, the light wooden windows create a strong contrast. On the other hand, the horizontal windows allow wide panoramic views of the surrounding mountain landscape of the Ötztal.


Construction and Materials
The entire ground floor including the vehicle hall is designed from reinforced concrete. The upper floor, which includes office space and apartments, can be built from prefabricated solid wood elements, the use of which helps to shorten the construction time.

(Nenad Ikodinovic)