1st Prize – P-SeMA

(Photographic Seoul museum of art) – SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA



City: Seoul
Country: South Korea
Type: Open, International Competition
Expected completion:  11/2024
Architects: Jadric Architektur ZT GmbH & 1990uao
Project Team Vienna: Mladen Jadric (Architecture) with Nikolaus Punzengruber, Jakob Mayer, Federica Rizzo, Dennis Przybilka, Max Krankl
Project Team Seoul: Yoon Geun Ju (Architecture) with Jihye Na, Soojun Lee, Holim Han, Daum Shin, Kyungjoo Min, Hyeonsun Choi, Kyunghyun Min, (Jieun Lee)
Structural Engeneering: Eden Structure Consultant
Civil Engineering: SIWON E&C
Mep Engineering: HANA Consulting & Engineers
Landscaping: ALIVEUS
Exterior Wall Design: Excfirm
Eco-fiendly Design (Certification): Econex E&C
Cooperation Coordinator: Byonghun Lee
Visualizations: Claudio Anderwald Computergraphics
Photo Credits: Jihyunjung Translation: Byonghun Lee , Daria Jadric

The P-SeMA (Photographic Seoul Museum of Art) is the result of a collaboration between Jadric Architektur in Vienna and our Korean partner office 1990uao.

The project beat 73 other projects in an open international competition to become the first official photography museum to be built in Korea. The opening will take place on September 3, 2024. It is an extraordinary project, even by Korean standards.

The dynamic design will serve as a sculptural landmark along the future cultural mile in Chang-dong. Its twisted, monolithic form enriches the surrounding public space and the architectural identity of the neighborhood as a whole. The symbiosis between photography and architecture can be seen as follows: Photography is painting with light; architecture is the play of forms gathered in light.

The lively design of the museum symbolizes a snapshot, a characteristic that architecture and photography share. The shape of the building reacts to the directions of movement of the surroundings and forms a highlight of the planned “cultural mile”. It merges with the adjacent square to form a walk-in object that invites visitors to linger. On the first floor, visitors will find an open dining area with plenty of space. The jury particularly praised the striking design language of the museum, which, however, does not become an end in itself but supports a functional interior structure. This is perfectly matched to the museum’s modern program. The dynamically rotated, partially accessible outer shell not only enriches the urban space, but also sets specific accents in relation to the surrounding buildings.

Another aim of the project is to boost the regional economy, preserve the visual cultural heritage and offer residents cultural opportunities in the fields of photography and video. In view of the growing interest in the media and the increasing use of photography, there is a growing need for corresponding exhibitions and educational offers, which could hardly be met until now. The opening of this photography museum dedicated specifically to photography will significantly expand cultural and educational opportunities for residents of the northeastern region – an area that has been one of the least developed in terms of cultural and economic growth.

The Seoul Photographic Art Museum will therefore be much more than just an exhibition venue; it is conceived as an integral part of the new cultural mile.

Visualization bird´s eye view


Visualization exhibition space
Visualization interior space

construction site photos July 2024